Apr 30

Tourism Ireland Appoints PAM as Representative in Hong Kong

Pacific Aviation Marketing (PAM) proudly welcomes our 3rd tourism board representation – Tourism Ireland. With effect from April 2019, PAM is appointed as the representative of Tourism Ireland in Hong Kong.

PAM, as the sole Tourism Ireland representative in the market, will be responsible for marketing the island of Ireland in Hong Kong as a holiday destination through targeted marketing activity, publicity, co-operative marketing with carriers and other partners and promotions to the travel trade and consumers.

Travel trade and media interested are welcome to contact us for more information about the destination and discussion on any cooperation and familiarization trip opportunities.

About Ireland

The island of Ireland consists of two territories: the Republic of Ireland, covering five-sixths of the island; and Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, located in the northern area. Dublin and Belfast are the capital and the most popular tourist cities in Ireland.

Ireland, the “Emerald Isle”, is abundant in not only breathtaking landscapes, romantic castles and heritage sites, but also fascinating history and rich culture. There are a wide variety of attractions, including 3 UNESCO sites, and endless outdoor activities for tourists to enjoy, such as golfing, trekking, cycling and horse-riding. Besides, Northern Ireland is the key filming location of the world popular TV series, Game of Thrones®, where fans can immerse themselves in the world of Westeros and explore some of the 26 spectacular filming locations.

Its natural beauty, historical sites, cuisine, beer, music, festivals and friendly people all add up to making Ireland a unique travel destination.

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