Marketing and Publicity

No channel can work well on its own. That is why our marketing service covers the various facets of marketing, resulting in truly holistic campaigns that generate both awareness and demand for your business.

From strategy planning to project coordination and management, our team of marketing experts leverages their experience and network in the industry to bring out the best of your brand.

Digital Marketing

We understand digital is a key battleground for the travel industry. Hence, we offer a complete digital marketing solution, to help clients create awareness and gain exposure online, with the ultimate goal of driving revenue targets. With the combination of marketing strategies and digital technology know-how, we can deliver on creative materials for media placements, content marketing, as well as channel planning and management.

Our scope of services:

  • Search engine marketing

  • Online advertising, including display banners and social media ads

  • Mobile advertising

  • Email marketing and content creation

  • Web analytics implementation and analysis

Event Marketing

Travel is an experiential affair, which is where events and physical experiences come into play. We customise events for our clients from overall experience planning, organising and implementation, to paving the way for conversion.

Our scope of services:

  • Trade and customer event planning

  • Project management

  • Event decoration and souvenirs production

  • Logistics and staffing arrangement

  • Expo and trade show management

Social Media Management

Make your message and offer go further with our social media management service. We can help to manage Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat accounts, develop contents, update them on a regular basis, as well as handle initial enquiries and leads.

Our scope of services:

  • Content handling: develop a tailored content planning and cadence, as well as actual content creation and post management

  • Community engagement: to build a strong and healthy social community for your brand

  • On-going monitoring: being on top of all your platforms for responding to comments, messages and posts

Media Familiarisation Tours

We have solid experience in organising and escorting Media FAM trip of different sizes, from individual visits to larger groups. We also bring diversity in the types of media too, including the likes of travel writers, bloggers and social media aristocrats.

We also handle post-trip follow up to ensure maximum exposure and an accurate portrait for our clients.


We tell your story and message right by providing a variety of advertising solutions direct or through agency partners, to help you achieve specific marketing communication objectives from concept development to production and installation.

Our scope of services:

  • Billboard and outdoor advertising

  • Print advertising

  • TV advertising

  • Radio advertising

  • Print collaterals

Press Release and Press Event

We can leverage our professional yet close relationships with leading media outlets including print, online, social, blogger, etc. to deliver maximum exposure for our clients. We will help you to figure your media story, and design how best to broadcast it to your target audience through touchpoints such as new product launches, press releases, press events and press familiarisation trips.

Travel Trade Outreach

Tap into our database for your benefit. Throughout the years in business, we have accumulated a database of over 15,000 trade partners in Hong Kong and China, plus strong relationships with travel agencies, tour operators, OTAs and wholesalers. We are experienced to disseminate communications to all trade partners through email and other means, we also have extensive experience to organise Trade seminar and Trade Familiarisation Trip.


Co-market with a partner to complement your brand’s go-to-market strategy because together you go further. Leverage on our impressive network and connections in fields ranging from financial services to consumer goods, we can forge partnerships that help you reach new audience and expand sales opportunities.